TDB Tech is an Industry Leading CNC machining company and a Top tier Provider of
CNC Machining services, offering specialised equipment and industry tools
for the production of Machines for Automotive, agriculture, Military Defense,
Oil & Gas, Electrical Ride, Medical , Energy and food Industries

TDB Tech: High-Precision CNC Machining Company

TDB TECH has been a leading multi-axis CNC machining manufacturer in Vietnam since 2015, adhering to strict quality standards. With over 50+ CNC machines and 100+ metal materials in our factory, you can trust us to get your parts manufactured and shipped on time. 

Our CNC machining company comprises over 60+ skilled and experienced workers and technicians with over ten years of experience. We’ve successfully served over 100+ foreign and domestic customers across 10+ countries. We currently produce over 200,000 PCs per month and are expanding our production to meet the growing demands of our customers.


TDB’s core values are encapsulated in the words: T.R.U.S.T = Trusting + Responsible + Unite + Study + Tell the truth.

ISO 9001:2015

Our goal is satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers by continuously improving…


Our goal is satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers by continuously improving…


TDB provide custom CNC precision machining components & services…


With over 10 years experience in engineering, we understand that technology allows for…

Our Services

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CNC Precision Machining

CNC machining services helps your company get exactly what it needs to stay productive, efficient, and focus on your own exceptional quality control standards. We offer CNC Machining parts for a wide variety of industries who require precise creation of parts for manufacturing machines and end products. Precision CNC machining services involve multiple types of machines, computer design options, and materials. We have the power to combine all factors in unique ways to deliver the exact part your company needs in a repeatable, quality-controlled process.

CNC Turning services

CNC Turning & Lathe

TDB Factory of complete CNC turning & Lathe precision with metal lathe machines for precision completion of any design. A wide range of industrial applications and manufacturing projects need CNC turning operations to create the essential tools and parts needed for completion. At TDB Turned Parts, our experienced and highly professional team understands how to deliver exactly that with our CNC lathe machine and engineering design experts.

CNC Machining Services 500x278 1

Sheet Metal Stamping

TDB Tech provides full custom metal stamping services to meet your job’s needs. We carry out a series of processes that allow manufacturers to create complex and high-performance parts for use in the automotive, electronics, robotics, and aerospace industries.
Our sheet metal stamping services include cutting, punching, bending gauge metal, auto punch, press brake, and shear. We can handle material thicknesses from 0.1mm up to 5.0 mm, and cover all sheet metal needs that a sheet metal stamping company can require.

TDB Tech

CNC Machining Supplier Brochure

TDB Tech is an enterprise manufacturing and processing milling, turning, stamping products and specialized equipment, industrial supporting tools for the production of agricultural machines, industrial machines, cars, motorcycles, electricity, housewares, furniture,….

Modern equipment system, staff with more than 10 years of experience in the profession; TDB is proud to be a unit trusted by more than 100 domestic and foreign customers to cooperate. Every month, TDB produces an average of over 200,000pcs and we are expanding further in 2022 to meet the high- volume production needs of our customers.

Why Choose Us

High-quality & Reliable

Our experts can handle materials and workpieces that meet industry standards. We maintain quality control to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

On-Demand Production

We’ve got the capacity and processes to produce your product on demand. We can even customize our machining for your specific requirements.

A+ Customer Satisfaction

Our customer is our priority. We ensure that you receive the best service throughout the entire process.

DFM making & Technical Evaluation

We provide customized mechanical services for your product using AutoCAD software and 3D modeling technology.

Professional Handling

Our highly skilled engineers can handle all your machining needs with high precision and efficiency.

On-Time Delivery

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our high-tech production facility ensures fast delivery.

Wide Range of Material Options

We’re committed to providing clients with high-quality machining solutions for various materials, including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and plastic.

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We’re using the most advanced CNC software solutions in the market that can guarantee high precision & cutting speed. AutoCAD, CAM, Aspire, and Inkscape are some of them.

After receiving your order, it takes about 3-5 days to produce the product. However, the lead time will be confirmed with the customers after contact.

We’ve got strict quality control in production. You can see our ISO 9001:2015 and SGS-certified certificate to ensure our quality.

TDB Tech serves almost all industries, including automobile, aerospace, industrial machines, agriculture, electric industries, and medical devices.

We accept all kinds of CAD files.

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