Precision CNC machining services

Precision CNC machining service

Precision CNC machining services

Precision mechanical processing, CNC mechanical processing services, CNC mechanical processing workshops on demand in Vietnam. You are looking for an address to design mechanical products, process and manufacture on demand with quality and reasonable price but do not know which unit to choose. Don’t worry, follow the information in the following article of our TDB Vietnam, which will surely help you make the most informed decision.

1.Criteria to choose a suitable design unit

Realize great benefits in the field of design and manufacturing. But on the market, there are not too many reputable, good quality units with reasonable prices. Therefore, we have summarized and given you some methods to choose the right units for you. Specifically:

1.1.Address information must be clear

The information on production address, scale of machinery, factory equipment, information about phone number, email, address, purchase and sale policy need to be fully publicized on the website, e-commerce page. . This information will help customers easily contact when there is a need for mechanical processing, and contract pricing policies will be updated continuously to help create trust for customers. .

1.2.Customer feedback Precision CNC machining services

Thanks to the feedback through the reviews of old customers, it will help new customers to have more trust and choose to use our products. Because in the modern 4.0 technology era, finding reviews and comments about the service mode is extremely easy and fast.

1.3.Company’s professional capacity

Scale of TDB Vietnam factory
Mechanical design service and manufacture according to requirements requiring high accuracy. Therefore, usually we will look to long-term units because they have a system of experienced staff, deep expertise in the field of mechanics, professional consultants ready to support and help. You choose the most suitable service.

1.4.Warranty service is clear, confidential information

The designs of the unit using the mechanical design service need to be absolutely confidential. Because it is a “weapon” of competition between rival businesses in the market. Mechanical products after manufacturing also need to be guaranteed for quality and warranted within the specified time. Since then, both affirming the quality of the manufacturing unit, and building a team of loyal customers.

2.The unit with the best on-demand mechanical design services today

One of the units that fully meet the above conditions is Sidoki Vietnam.,JSC. Although appearing on the market in the past 7 years, this unit quickly “captured” the trust of many customers to become a reliable destination. To do so, SIDOKI had to rely on the policies that this unit brings to customers, which are:

  • Construction has become a prestigious unit with many years of experience in the field of mechanical design – manufacturing on demand.
  • Owns a team of leading experts in the field of mechanical engineering who have been studied in Japan, USA, and Korea with a lot of practical experience in design and production. Thanks to that, it has brought trust and ensured the quality of mechanical design and fabrication services on request
  • The products after being designed and manufactured are of good quality because they are manufactured based on the international quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 and the world’s leading modern machinery and equipment system. .
  • The system of modern production technology, the price of the product is extremely competitive, suitable for the financial conditions of many businesses today. If compared with many other units, the price of Sidoki Vietnam is much cheaper but the quality is still guaranteed.
  • The process is fast and efficient; The stages of production, management and supervision are strictly controlled to ensure good quality when the products reach customers.
  • TDB Vietnam is a reliable partner of many famous FDI units such as Panasonic, TOHO, LG, SUMITOMO, etc., so you can rest assured when using Sidoki services.
  • Workshop system with an area of ​​2500m2 with a full range of modern production equipment, ensures that the machining and mechanical manufacturing process is seamless and fast.
  • Sidoki Vietnam receives product processing in many places across the country, not limited to geographical space in Hanoi. Therefore, customers should contact us directly when required.
  • In addition, with foreign customers, we can carry out procedures for exporting goods to partner countries, because of our many years of experience in exporting goods to the US, Canada, Japan, and Korea.

3. Service quotation for mechanical design and fabrication services at TDB Vietnam

Quotation Mechanical design service on request is one of the important stages that Sidoki Vietnam sends information to customers before putting into mechanical design and production. Usually, the price for the process of designing – mechanical fabrication on request will not be specific because in each different product type, there will be different prices. The factors that affect the price are usually:

  • Design product shape, Technology, materials, purpose of use.
  • Size and technological complexity of the product.
  • Detailed technical information about machined products in technical drawings and other requirements.
  • Number of processed products in an order. Usually, the larger the number of products, the cheaper the price will be and vice versa.
  • Requirements for product packaging after processing.
  • How long does it take to complete the product?
  • Delivery location after completion.

All of the above shows that the more your criteria, the higher the cost for mechanical design and fabrication services. But when using the service of Sidoki Vietnam, it is not like that, you will get the best price because Sidoki capacity has a professional staff, a large workshop system, and a large number of equipment and machines. modern, can work continuously for a long time, so the progress can be guaranteed. With the above information content about Mechanical Design Services on demand will assist you in making a reasonable decision.

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